Wind energy is a renewable form of energy

A wind turbine produces electricity when winds cause the blades to rotate. This is one of the most widely used forms of renewable energy, helping to protect the environment for fossil fuel burning. Because of the burning of fossil fuels, a large amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases are emitted, which is extremely harmful to the environment. This will result in global warming an increase in the greenhouse effect. Therefore, we must try to use only the renewable energy if we want to enjoy the earth for many centuries to come.

How does a wind turbine produce power?

A wind turbine produces energy by blowing the wind and turning the blades on the turbine. The movements of the wings drive a generator that makes power. When the generator produces power, it is automatically connected to the electricity grid. The mains are the system of wires that carry the power out to the electrical outlets in our houses. In those days when it is blowing, the electricity in your home will then come from the wind. Most wind turbines today are built as a collection set because they can be up to 220 meters high. A wind turbine consists of many different elements that work together and go up into a higher unit.

Below are some of the most important elements of a wind turbine:

  • The mill house which sits at the top and is the mill’s machinery
  • The foundation on which the mill rests
  • A hub that sits at the front of the mill cap
  • Rotor blades
  • Wind Tower
Rotor blade

What is a rotor blade used for?

A rotor blade is one of the most important components of a wind turbine. The rotor blade itself is the reason why the wind turbine can generate energy. The shape of rotor blades has a direct impact on performance as this determines the conversion of kinetic energy associated with the wind. The majority of wind turbines are the horizontal axis type with three blades. The rotor blades must have low inertial and good mechanical strength for durable and reliable operation. The blades are composed of aluminum or fiberglass reinforced polyester, reinforced carbon fiber plastic or wood or epoxy laminates. Rotor blades get a relatively powerful finish, so it is extremely resistant. Therefore, they can withstand both the contamination of dirt, rain, insect, oil, blood etc. The rotor blades are very exposed to the height at which they operate. Therefore, it is also necessary that they are very resistant, so they have a long life.